Case Study: Acorn Insurance

Executive Summary

Acorn Insurance are providers of specialist car insurance, established for over thirty years. They deal with a high workload of cases, starting with customer enquiries, made either by telephone or through their online quotation form.

They needed a system that would allow their teams to manage email correspondence as swiftly as possible. In a fast-moving industry with many competing providers, it is critical to get the ball rolling on customer quote enquiries and processing under tight deadlines.

  • SwiftCase provided Acorn Insurance with an easy to use, browser-based case management application that creates tasks based on incoming emails.
  • SwiftCase allocates work to the relevant team quickly and efficiently, where each member of staff can claim the task they are working on. This feature, combined with the task-locking facility, prevents work from being duplicated and overlapped.
  • SwiftCase has allowed managers to monitor statistics on productivity across teams using management information reports, ensuring consistently high levels of service.



  • Due to the high amount of competition in the UK insurance industry, Acorn needed a way to engage with potential customers quickly, replying to enquiries as soon as possible after their initial contact.
  • Acorn had to be sure that any of their clients or potential clients information was secure, as it could include sensitive information that needs to remain confidential.

How SwiftCase Helped

  • Acorn was able to implement SwiftCase to manage enquiries and administration, in a short period, without needing to employ additional administration staff or develop their own IT solution.
  • SwiftCase provided Acorn with an efficient method of responding to and logging customer enquiries. When somebody emails or fills out the contact form on the Acorn website, a case is automatically opened, and assigned to the appropriate team.
  • Acorn’s work processes are broken down into separate stages, allowing quick access to new, incomplete or queried enquiries. At a glance, they can see exactly where each of their tasks are up to and plan and manage their workload accordingly.
  • As well as the traditional security methods used within SwiftCase, an IP-based locking function was included to ensure only users on-site can use the software.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

  • Their SwiftCase implementation includes custom configuration unique to Acorn Insurance, mapping their businesses’ process and fitting their needs.
  • Acorn can now respond quickly and methodically to customer enquiries.
  • Acorn have been able to increase productivity by making their business process more efficient, in a competitive, high-turnover sector. They are able to process potential customer enquiries quickly; this is essential to prevent losing work to other insurance providers.
  • Within the next year, Acorn are planning to implement SwiftCase to automate their entire auditing process, which will save hundreds of working hours.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

We've been using SwiftCase since the early part of 2015. It started off very effective in our main departments so we have introduced it across the company. We like the relatively simple & clean approach meaning we can automate much of our work. Updates come fairly regularly & improve the system each time.

IT Engineer at Acorn Insurance

The customisable workflows have been invaluable to our business. We could not run our business without this software.

Senior Manager at Acorn Insurance