Case Study: Solar Installer

Executive Summary

Our clients are a firm who aim to make renewable energy accessible to a wide range of customers. They offer solar PV arrays for both domestic and commercial properties, as well as supplying and installing a full range of the latest A-rated energy boilers, and Solar Thermal arrays to warm hot water.

They needed a system to more efficiently manage and track each stage of their business process from the initial survey, to solar panel installation and customer care.

  • SwiftCase replaced the client’s existing inefficient paper-based system with browser-based case management software that automates the full range of their workflow with custom criteria defined by the firm themselves.
  • SwiftCase implemented a profit-calculator feature as part of the system, allowing automated evaluation of whether a job is worth taking on before starting.
  • SwiftCase gave the client the ability to share documents with their customers in a straightforward and secure manner.



  • Before the clients implemented SwiftCase, they relied on an inefficient paper-based system that was slow and made it difficult to go back and review previous records.
  • The process of evaluating whether to take on work based on profitability was not automated and had to be worked out for each case, wasting time on evaluating non-profitable potential clients.
  • Sharing documents with clients involved either emailing or sending a physical paper copy, which was slow and difficult to keep track of who had sent and received documents.

How SwiftCase Helped

  • By replacing an inefficient paper based system with a browser based software solution, the client is now able to save time and resources, with secure, role-based access from desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • SwiftCase was configured for the client so that they are now automatically alerted to work deadlines, ensuring they always meet their service level agreements to customers on time, providing increased compliance and customer satisfaction. They also have accurate and detailed records kept of all the work they do, the time it was undertaken, and which staff member was involved at each stage, providing better accountability.
  • With the profit calculator feature, the client can automatically work out whether a job is worth taking on, and make a quick evaluation of its profitability, with a traffic light system indicating the percentage of profit: Green 40% profit or over, Amber 30-39% and Red for anything figure below 30%.
  • Sharing documents with clients became much easier and more secure. All relevant documents can be sent internally through SwiftCase, without relying on email or physical copies. The document manager feature allows users to upload and organise documents specific to one case, viewable to anyone with the correct permissions.

Results and Return on Investment

  • SwiftCase allowed the client to increase productivity dramatically, responding to all enquiries for a solar panel evaluation and installation within 24 hours, and booking within 2 days.
  • Being able to automatically evaluate the profitability of each job meant that time was saved weeding out a large number of potential clients that would otherwise would have to be manually calculated, avoiding unnecessary paperwork and potential human-error.
  • The time taken for the solar panel installation process from start to finish, including customer care, was greatly reduced. This allowed increased customer volume, using the same resources, with the business now focused on organising and implementing profitable installation work rather than time-consuming administration tasks.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans