Approval Process Control

For many SMEs, tracking paperwork, delayed response times and getting tangled in a thread of emails has become the norm when it comes to managing their approval process

Remedy this with an intelligent approval management system, fit for all your business needs. SwiftCase increases efficiency and streamlines your approval process by implementing an automated solution that works smarter, not harder.

For many SMEs, tracking paperwork, delayed response times and getting tangled in a thread of emails...

Smarter Allocation

Smarter Allocation

Find the right person to handle an approval, instantly, without the need for human intervention.

Speed up response times and eliminate the headaches associated with delegation by automatically assigning the ideal resource for the task at hand, based on skill set, coverage area, availability, role, and more, with SwiftCase.

Get It Right, First Time

Get It Right, First Time

Manage your tasks more smoothly when everybody’s roles are defined.

Prevent miscommunication by attaching the appropriate stakeholders to the job at hand, automatically emailing, texting or alerting the right person, every time.

Eliminate Back and Forth

Reliance on emails, paper-based systems and spreadsheets can leave you at risk of human error, especially when collaborating with others.

Remove risk and simplify your process, increasing your productivity, by automating administration in your approval process, such as producing documentation and sending emails.

Focus on the task at hand instead of chasing emails using auto-chasing, a configurable chasing feature that sends alerts to the relevant users after a particular timeframe.

Eliminate manual authorisation entirely, if logic can determine the outcome of your approval process, SwiftCase can use flags based on the information provided in the workflow.

Accountability and Auditing

Accountability and Auditing

When auditing your business, the last thing you want is to dive into a mountain of paperwork or thousands of email chains to find the information you need.

Efficiently track activity and ownership, as SwiftCase's audit log gives a clear, concise overview of everything actioned on that particular task, providing stakeholders with access to the history of the approval process.

Ensure sensitive data is only accessible by the appropriate members of staff with role-based access control.



Keep on top of your tasks using the SwiftCase dashboard, an intuitive overview of outstanding works in your queue and monitor the status of all approval processes.

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