SwiftCase is a powerful collaboration tool that enables people to work together seamlessly to achieve business success

Manage your team productively by coordinating business processes effortlessly and improve customer service with real-time task tracking progression.

Automate your resource management with SwiftCase workflow management system



All businesses know that communication is key to successful teamwork. However, it can be time-consuming and complicated when trying to keep track of the discussion.

Communicate and collaborate all in one place, using the task notes in SwiftCase, while easily keeping track of the conversation.

Stay secure by specifying who should see each note retaining a centralised communication system without exposing unnecessary information to unwanted users while keeping the right people up to date.

Configurable Workflow

Configurable Workflow

Collaboration is not only just about communication but also project management.

Customise your workflow inline with your business processes by connecting SwiftCase building blocks such as data collection, allocate user, document generation and email creation.

Reduce data redundancy, deprecate human error, and increase accuracy with a workflow built with the appropriate tools.

Increase productivity by incorporating automation, for example, automatically send reminder emails when a task is updated or mark a job in red when it exceeds an SLA.


Ensure tasks are collaborated on efficiently with automatic allocation, so, any user can be assigned to a job at any point throughout a workflow.

Keep control as managers can override allocation by delegating their tasks to others.

Prioritise, List and Search

Prioritise, List and Search

Prioritise tasks according to your, customisable, business process needs.

Focus your time on the most crucial work, as from the dashboard, users will immediately see their tasks that require action, with the most important ones highlighted.

Effortlessly find tasks with the SwiftCase intelligent, quick search tool that allows you to collaborate quickly.

Document Manager

Document Manager

Centralise communication for each task with the ability to share, upload and view related files.

Access and download files at any time as they are all stored securely in the cloud.

Enhance audit by logging emails sent with task documents attached directly from SwiftCase.

Share documents with specific users, associated with a task, by specifying the access level of the file, with no need to rely on an external system.

Reduce administration of combining collaborative data input into documents, using a custom document template, SwiftCase can extract task data to generate a standardised report at the click of a button.

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