Maintaining a good relationship with your customers allows you to be more profitable, with it being much harder to gain a new customer than retain an existing client

Tracking down the sales funnel from new prospect from lead to a converted client should not be left to ad hoc contact between business development and the decision maker at the target business.

Automate your resource management with SwiftCase workflow management system

Develop Relationships

Develop Relationships

Keep track of your leads as they progress from initial contact to a valued client.

Know your clients in depth, with custom profile questions and contact history of every interaction between your client and your business.

Rank customers by criteria to see who are your best and worst customers.


Gain Insight

Eliminate complicated data analysis, visualise your progress in easy to interpret reports and charts, all at the click of a button.

Increase marketing ROI by creating focused campaigns from analysis of customer sales data.

Drive staff productivity by monitoring key performance indicators for your sales team.


Get straight to the point at a glance, with customisable task lists, and saved searches, to see the information you need.

Take control what different employees see inside your CRM through custom roles and permissions.

Keep up to date from anywhere, use your CRM online through your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Email & Documents

Email & Documents

Save time answering emails, automate and organise your email directly from your CRM.

Efficiently locate information, across email and documents, with SwiftCase's powerful search tools.

Automatically drive business processes automatically from email and document content.

Improve Integration

Improve Integration

Improve lead generation by connecting your CRM with your website and other channels.

Improve partner relationships by attaching directly to your clients' systems through the SwiftCase REST API.

Eliminate bottlenecks and expand your toolset by integrating other software with SwiftCase.

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