Proposal Generation

Automate your proposal generation process and cut your admin time down to seconds

Why waste countless working days producing proposals for your clients when SwiftCase can do it for you in the blink of an eye?

As discussed in our recent blog article 3 new ways to standardise your dynamic documents, there are a variety of tools and method at your disposal that you can use to generate an attractive, consistent and compliant business proposal for your customers.

Automate your proposal generation process and cut your admin time down to seconds

Dynamic document generation saves time and money

Completely automate your proposal document by applying logic to your document templates.

SwiftCase can generate dynamic proposal documents that produce different content depending on the answers given in your workflow process – or even based on anything relating to the users attached to that task.

This is incredibly useful if a particular sentence, table, image, signature, graph (or more) should only appear in your report under specific circumstances.

For example, you may want to show a paragraph on your proposal that is exclusive to a particular service type you are offering the client. The document can be configured to use logic that recognises this and make the appropriate content adjustment, saving you the admin time attached to writing and preparing the document yourself with cumbersome Word templates or Excel spreadsheets.

The document generation tool allows you to add images, graphs, signatures and more, depending on the configuration of the template you use.

This method alone has worked wonders and saved customers thousands of administration hours and in some cases; has completely removed the requirement of human intervention.

Generated proposal documents are stored securely in the cloud and can be shared with your clients and staff members, quickly and easily.

As part of your SwiftCase set-up, we can implement your current documents into your system workflows, allowing you to generate letters, invoices, reports and much more at the click of a button.

Why input the same data, over and over, when SwiftCase can simply re-use it?

Why input the same data, over and over, when SwiftCase can simply re-use it?

Reduce the risk of an administration error by cutting down the amount of redundant information you need to input.

Increase compliance and eliminate unnecessary administration by standardising your documents and using the information you’ve already stored.

On time, every time

On time, every time

Ensuring you deliver a proposal to your client at the optimal time might just be the difference between winning the job or losing out to one of your competitors.

Our handy RAG (Red Amber Green) SLA tracking system, alerts you when a task is falling behind or has gone over the limit, ensuring proposal generation does not fall behind schedule.

System administrators and managers are also able to flag tasks as urgent, if required, ensuring your team knows their priorities at all times.

Track, follow-up and convert

Tracking the status of your proposal could not be easier. Using the SwiftCase dashboard, staff, managers and potentially clients (if required) gain a comprehensive overview of where their tasks are up to.

SwiftCase can automate your process, and automatically follow-up your proposal after an allotted time if you receive no response, ensuring leads aren’t lost in the pile.

Depending on the result of your proposal, you can convert it into another task, which carries over all the information you have previously entered into the next job or decline, where you could dynamically set a reminder for a follow-up in a few months time.

As SwiftCase allows you to have multiple outcomes to a task, logging the conclusion of your proposal makes it easy to apply conversion rate statistics and build up an idea of what can be improved in the process moving forward.

Store your files using SwiftCase to cut costs and increase productivity, book your free demo today.