Time and Expense Tracking

In business, accurately managing time, expenses, costs and fees are vital

With large numbers of transactions relating to staff, clients, and suppliers, as well as other external factors, there is a significant benefit to automating this process.

In business, accurately managing time, expenses, costs and fees are vital

Keep track of your money

Financial information, for each task, is right in front of you, with staff expenses, purchase orders, and fees, all broken down into income, costs, profit, and vat.

Instantly see the profitability of a task with dynamic calculations.

Eliminate the need for external accounting software applications with SwiftCase's easy to use integrated financial tools.

Guarantee accurate management information, saving you time spent pouring over spreadsheets and paperwork.

Chasing Payment

Organise expenses and other finances

Integration of time and expense tracking in your workflow platform provides you with much-needed clarity and efficiency.

Get costs under control, group items into categories, keeping a clear picture of the incomings and outgoings relating to each task.

Track everything from personal staff expenses to supplier orders.

Improve financial decision making by gaining a clear overview of income and outgoings.

Improve productivity by reducing the time spent doing paperwork, or re-keying data into other systems.


Auto-generate financial documents

Manually generating invoices, purchase orders, bills and other financial documents are time-consuming and distract from working on your business.

Automatically generate any documents you need while retaining the option to make adjustments if necessary.

Stop duplication of work, enter client and work details once and once only.

Save paper (and the planet) with paperless billing for your clients.

See how SwiftCase can help you accurately manage your time, expenses, costs and fees, get your free demo now.